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At Sound Babies, Aimee Strader offers postpartum doula care to families in Seattle as they transition from pregnancy to welcoming their baby home.


Aimee meets families in their home, makes sure they are nourished and nurtured, listens to concerns, offers guidance, and gives a helping hand as they navigate the first few weeks and months after birth.

Aimee’s support includes:

  • Listening to parents and believing they are the best parents for their children.

  • Offering evidence-based information for parent healing and baby care so families can make decisions confidently.

  • Sharing knowledge on baby development and all the tricks she has up her sleeve to make parenting easier.

  • Understanding how important it is to include siblings and extended family in adjusting to the new baby.

  • Sitting with parents as they process the pregnancy, birth, postpartum period, and becoming a parent.

  • Making sure everyone, including the baby, is eating and resting to support growth and healing.

  • And provide practical household assistance to ensure families aren't getting overwhelmed.

Aimee’s postpartum doula services are $30 per hour. She typically works with a family for three weeks to three months.


Aimee has been working closely with families for over thirteen years cultivating nurturing environments for children to grow and flourish. Her work narrowed to focus on the first few months after parents welcome their baby home when she completed Bastyr University’s Postpartum Doula training at Simkin Center. Aimee is grateful to work with families during this short period as they gain confidence and get to know their child.

In addition to her postpartum doula training, Aimee is a member of the Northwest Association for Postpartum Support, completed Simkin Center’s Lactation Educator training, and is a certified Bringing Baby Home Educator through The Gottman Institute.

When Aimee is not holding babies and assisting growing families, you can find her working on her fixer-upper house, riding her bicycle around the city with her husband, and catching up with friends while having impromptu dance parties in her living room.




There are not words glowing enough to recommend Aimee Strader. Our family has been forever touched by her and would consider anyone she works for in the future to have won the lottery.
— Amy, mother of two
Our transition to parenthood has been more manageable, enjoyable, successful and sustainable because of Aimee.
— Andrea, first time mother
Aimee’s knowledge and experience is a testimony to her passion for healthy babies and families. I highly recommend Aimee to any family looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable doula.
— Molly, child development specialist
Aimee has provided wonderful and compassionate support to our family. She is curious and responsive, and approaches all challenges with a personalized strategy (no one-size-fits-all attempts).
— Amy, first time mother
I cannot rave enough about Aimee!
— Stephanie, mother of two


Aimee offers free half hour consultations with parents to talk about their growing family and if her support fits their needs. Please fill out the contact form below to get in touch. 


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